Lakeside House / 2017

architectural design / competition proposal
Lago di Como / Italy 2017

Competition proposal for a house alongside lake Como in Italy.

The project develops on two levels. Each level is an apartment. The main access is from the upper level.

The second level's communication and service spaces are covered by a flat roof as a natural continuation of the descending slope. By wish of the owners, it can be covered with grass. The living room and upper floor bedrooms have their own pitched roofs and greater clear heights with an open view down the slope toward Lago di Como. The volume of the living room is rotated in order to catch a better and fuller view of the lake.

Beside creating comfortable and bright living spaces, the separation into volumes and the pitched roofs provide the house with a scale matching the one of the surrounding buildings. Though its appearance is very modern, observed from below, the mansion with its basement floor covered in stone looks like three - one detached and two attached - houses on the slope which fit into place with all other existing dwellings.

The main used materials are stone, natural wood, white paint and black metal for the roof. The proposed furniture mixes designer items with custom-made pieces.