The Fun Hub – Pavilion / 2017

architectural design / competition proposal / 1st place

A winning competition proposal for a major European railway company aiming to improve the quality of the waiting areas in the train stations and turn them into homely zones where people cannot only wait, but also work, relax and socialize.

The Fun Hub is a calm oasis in the hassle of a train station – a place where one sit and relax, read a book or finish some work while keeping an eye on one's child playing.

Target group: All station users and in particular - people who travel with children, people who work while travelling or have to finish some work at the station, elderly people, people who spend more time at the station time waiting for their transfer.

Stations nowadays are not attractive places where one wishes to spend time in - they are merely places to pass through. Their atmosphere is hectic and sometimes even hostile. Their design and features rarely pay attention to the needs and comfort of children and elderly people.

Stations can benefit from features which bring in the feeling of comfort and calmness in the hassle of transportation hubs while at the same time address the needs of the different groups of station users. To put it simple - features which make train stations friendlier and a place to spend time in.

The Fun Hub is a workspace, a library and a playgroung all in one - it's a friendly place where you can spend time in a home-like atmosphere, read a book, relax or accomplish some work while keeeping an eye on your child playing in a friendly and safe environment. It's structure is wooden with plywood covering its walls on the inside and creeping greenery over a mesh structure on the outside. It has a large climbing net - "the network" and a slide for children to play.

The inspiration behind the Fun Hub is the idea of bringing the playful and homelike atmosphere into the train station - of creating a comfortable and calm oasis amidst the transportation rush, a place to look forward to returning to.