Apartment in Italy / 2016

interior design / competition proposal / 3rd place

This interior design proposal for an apartment in Italy aims to complement the already beautiful spaces with stunning ceilings with suitable furnishings and colours.

The functional layout was not changed from the original and no walls were removed as requested by the owners. 

Predominantly white paint for the walls was used in order to put emphasis on the already striking ceilings. The colours are neutral – white, grey, light grey, natural wood /oak, maple/ colour with a hint of yellow and blue. Subtle and beautiful detailing is provided by decorating some of the walls and furniture with moulding.

The wardrobe in the entrance hall visually continues into the volume of the library in the living room. The workstation requested by the husband is placed in the living room in order to leave the wife’s sleep unbothered during occasional evening or late night work.

The dining area is complemented by a “hidden kitchen”, which the owners might fully open while cooking or completely close when guests are coming and things had not been put in order. 

The furniture used in the design is modern, with just a few pieces with an old times flavor. 

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