B’s room / 2016

interior design / completed
photographs: another studio

Interior design of a kid's room for a 10 -  year old boy, a part of an apartment in a recently constructed residential building in central Sofia.
Growing up has brought different needs and interests for the young inhabitant who now wishes for a suitable space. The typical kid's toys are replaced by new hobbies and gadgets: scooter, skateboard, video-game screen, school accessories, books,PC etc.
The walls are painted in white and grey in a way that visually increases the room's height. The furniture produced especially for the room is from white painted MDF. A few hangers for scooter, skateboard, bags etc. shaped to match the cutouts for drawers are placed behind the door. The reading light near the bed also serves as a shelf. The wall mounted Vitra Little Potence extends from the library and lights the desk and armchair area.