Marty & Alice’s bed / 2015

furniture design / completed
photographs: another studio

A design of a bunk bed for a young couple with a 3-year old son and another baby on the way.

The interior design of Julia and Ivo's apartment had been previously completed by Another Studio and arch. Svetoslav Michev.
The design of this piece of furniture had to solve two problems - to accomodate two normal-size beds in the small room and to create a space interesting enough to keep the couple's son in his bed at night.

The result was a house-shaped bunk bed fabricated from birch plywood featuring a built-in library and storage under the stair platform. Openings in the form of windows provide light to the "houses" while at the same time give their little inhabitants the chance to keep an eye on the outside world. 

The physical model was created for the exhibition "New Bulgarian Design on Display", part of One Design Week 2016.