Coffee and tea shop / 2015

interior design / completed
photographs: another studio

A interior design project for a small tea and coffee shop in a department store.

The owners - a couple of coffee admirers - have decided to put their passion for good coffee into business. The shop's layout had to be flexible and to provide proper display for all the goods in the store. As a startup project, the amount and variety of the goods to be displayed was not initially clear and the design had to provide that the shelves do not look empty even with few items displayed. To do so, a modular system featuring a structural metal grid is developed. Plywood boxes can be inserted and moved in the grid, serving as display frames for coffee and tea bags, coffee makers, cups, and other items and accessories. 

Central position in the shop has the coffee roasting machine where customers can whitness fresh coffee being roasted while having a sip of a chosen coffee sort prepared by the owner.