Art Prison / 2018

architectural design / competition proposal
with arch. Maria Dimitrova and arch. Stefan Apostolov

 The majestic fortress of Santa Caterina is and remains the center and main focus of the new art complex. A rich and art-oriented functional program and a few simple new volumes and art installations contribute to the transformation of the fortress into an attractive artistic hub.
The thick fortress walls are kept wherever possible in their original condition in order to preserve the unique atmosphere of the fortress. The Art Scape Hotel is designed as a separate building to the south of the fortress. The hotel is lifted on pilotis leaving the ground undamaged and at the same time providing an “endless” sea view from the rooms. The Art Scape hotel accommodates eight double rooms, a reception area and a small buffet. Its small size and capacity are strategically intended to avoid overcrowding and create an artistic atmosphere of seclusion, serenity and contemplation.
The existing building to the north of the fortress is reserved for resident artists, accommodating a common studio space, four ateliers and an art gallery for exhibitions. All of the designed additional volumes – the Art scape hotel, the rooftop restaurant and the volume of the gallery are unified in appearance and utilize the same material on the outside – cor-ten /weathering/ steel. This material defines the new interventions in a visually distinct and contemporary way while at the same time respects age /it ages as well/ and the existing fabric of the fortress.
Part of the installations ito be scattered along the path to the fortress is a set of large mirrors with specifically chosen positions and angles along the path which provide unexpected views of the fortress, the sea and the village of Favignana.