Apartment in Elemag St. / 2017

interior design / completed
photographs: another studio

Interior design of an apartment in a recently constructed residential building in Sofia. 

The customers – a young family with two kids – a 4-year old girl and a 2-year old toddler boy placed special emphasis on the kids’ room design. It had to be a comfortable place for sleeping of the two children with occasional guests staying over, with enough room for playing and storage of all their toys, gadgets and a projector for home cinema screening on one of the walls.

The design loved by the owners features two house-shaped beds part of a large piece of furniture containing cupboards and shelves for storage along one of the the walls. In that way enough space for playing in the room is left. Large cushions placed on the floor are used for playing and sitting on during daytime and can be stored in the drawers under the beds at night or used for sleeping of occasional guests.

In the entrance area another large piece of furniture features a wardrobe with a built-in bench and hooks above it.

The main materials for the custom-made furniture are birch plywood and white painted mdf.